11 September 2017

Little Dancer

Little Dancer
“It's dancing! It's magical, actually. A kind of slowish magic. Like writing with your feet.
― Katherine Rundell, The Wolf Wilder

As a child, I never found a passion in dance, although I secretly wish I did. My tomboyish spirit became grounded in other activities; playing in the woods, swimming, kayaking, skipping stones, running and eventually softball. I grew up in a neighborhood next to a small lake; I could almost throw a pebble from our back porch and hit the calm, blue water. Our street was always filled with children; riding bikes, running down to the waters edge, fishing, playing neighborhood tag or kickball. My childhood was magical and I am thankful.

Most of the children were around the same age and I always admired the girl up the street who was a dancer. Her hair perfectly pulled up into a tight bun, her soft pink uniform consisting of a leotard, tights and a tulle wrap, and her worn shoes with blocks of wood that always fascinated me. I remember asking endless questions of curiosity. While I was not a dancer and couldn't tell you a single thing about ballet, I was mesmerized by the graceful and classic movements of this art. Even as a child, it drew me in and captivated my spirit.

I am still not a dancer, I don't play softball anymore and while I may have a bit of a tomboyish character, I am a grown woman now. My interest in dance and ballet is still buried deep inside me and when my daughter expressed interest in the art I quietly rejoiced to myself and happily signed her up. She has now danced for almost three years and I see passion in her eyes, I see the excitement when she enters the room and the smile on her face when her feet begin to float.

Little Dancer, designed for the free-spirited child, offers the perfect range of active wear for dance, ballet and beyond. Their combination of soft, breathable cottons and jerseys with traditional tulles will give your little performer the comfort and style to feel uniquely her own. These modernly classic pieces are designed with comfort using high quality fabrics and textiles sourced throughout the world and sewn right here in the U.S.A. and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the GRoW @ The Wallis children’s dance programs at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

From one tiny dancer to another, I can assure you that these quality pieces are the perfect addition to your child's wardrobe.

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*This post is in partnership with Little Dancer an all opinions expressed are of my own. They truly are magical.


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