29 June 2010

{ inspiration in new places }

Recently I have been creating so many pieces that are so different in style. While I strive to keep my inspiration rooted in nature I sometimes can't resist creating pieces that make a bold statement! I also can't resist turning to other interests of mine to find inspiration. The jewelry below was created with the help of Aunties Beads and their blogging program. They have a great selection of beads, gemstone beads, crystals, findings and tools.
This unique piece is made with an acrylic amber colored bead, gold plated textured chain, brass chain, quartz, a swarovski crystal pearl and vintage charms.

Photo by Phillip Klinger

This nature inspired necklace is made with a blue agate free form pendant and sterling silver plated chain. Measures 16.5 inches.
Inspiration: Photo by Xanada

Another nature inspired necklace made from a blue agate free form donut and sterling silver plate chain.
Inspiration: Photo by Schwigor

This piece is made with a light amethyst nugget and a swarovski crystal.
Photo by Prissy Tom Boy

These tassel earrings are simple, trendy and chic!
Inspiration: Photo by Sita Marie

Disclaimer: The above post is simply a personal review of Auntie's Beads done by Yellow Finch Designs. The beads mentioned above were provided free-of-charge within the limits of Auntie's Beads blogging program. Yellow Finch Designs has not received any payments from the company mentioned above.


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  6. I'll never get tired of being amazed at the beauty of the precious stones and the fact that they inspire jewelers to create unusual ornaments.


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