Sailor's Knot Bracelets

Considering I just got back from Maine I thought this would be a great how-to-post! These sailor bracelets always remind me of my youth, summer and of course, the ocean seas. This easy to follow tutorial was featured on etsy.

Natural rope and sterling silver sailor bracelet by Julie by the sea

Sailor necklace by BROOKLYN rehab

Horses at Sea journal by The Black Spot Books

sailor's knot earrings by linkeldesigns

white turks head rope bracelet by WhatnotShop

sailor knot necklace by the vamoose

Did you try this tutorial?
I would love to hear how it went and see your creations!


  1. Thanks for including my earrings on your lovely blog!

  2. An easy to follow tutorial for some summer fun, this is a great activity for the kids on a rainy day. Everyone comes away with something cool.

  3. thanks for including me. i love all the nature shots on your blog!
    happy summer,


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