11 February 2011

{ Dear Sweet Husband }

I wish you followed my blog.
You promised to be the 100th follower, but someone beat you.
And now I have 101.
Is it because I took over the walk in closet?
Your closet isn't so bad - next to the washer and dryer and leaky drain.
The old rusty pipes make a good spot to hang dress shirts,
don't you think? The little rust spots come out with lots of Shout.
I'm good at getting those out.
And the vaccum is a great coat rack.

Or is it because of that time I ran into your mom's car,
which was parked on the other side of the street 100 feet away?
I don't speed out of the driveway anymore.
I promise.

It's super easy to follow the blog. I can send you directions if you would like.
You know how you read Mr. Miner's Phish Thoughts every day?
That's a blog too.
You can save mine under favorites by his.
I like Phish too.

jess words

josh words

jonas words
Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie!
Sorry we're leaving you and going out of town.
Date night on Monday?
Oh, btw, there's a few dishes in the sink....think you could put those in the dishwasher?
footnote: my husband is my best friend. he rocks.


  1. I love the poem! I actually laughed out loud... My own husband is giving me weird looks, but what else is new? I followed your blog. I thought i did before, but I'm usually wrong. Best of luck in all you do!

  2. aw ..very sweet. mine doesnt either...


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