09 February 2011

Vintage Finds for the Week

So Jessica and I headed out yesterday in search of some vintage finds.
Considering the cold cold (did I mention cold) weather and time constraints we didn't do too shabby. I'm hoping to have everything up on my etsy store soon.
Perhaps tonight.
Or perhaps I'll grab a glass of wine
and perhaps I'll lay on the couch and watch a little Stargate Universe.
Don't judge, my husband did this to me.
I heart SGU.
You should try it - good show. No lies.

floral tray 2

Even though this tray is worn and weathered I love it.
You just KNOW that it has a great history.
It longs for a nice home.

flower mug 2

This would be great for makeup brushes
or paintbrushes
knitting needles
you name it

floral ashtray

bracelets with blue

ok...these I may keep.
bracelets with green

Or maybe I'll keep these.
Bright colors are great for summer.

animal glass 2

This is my favorite find.
Vintage Milk Glass.
How cute would this be in a little one's room?

maxwell glass
Someone I know collects old cars and tractors.
Like the real ones, not miniature models.
This reminded me of them so I had to get it.

btw: listening to Thievery Corporation
You should check them out.


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