16 March 2011

Do your kids do this....

So, every once in awhile I like to frequent Starbucks...ok ok everyday I go to Starbucks (sorry honey). Yesterday my best friend Julie and I took the kids to hang out and catch up. Now, I know my kids are creative but I love the fact that they create wherever they go. Ten tall straws and six cardboard sleeves later my boys turned this visit into a galaxy...far far away. I love the creativity of my little Jedi masters. They are currently on their Star Wars obsession because they watched it for the first time last week. Jonas skywalker

I would also like to note that yes, people did in fact stare. And the lady working next to us on her laptop may have gotten up and moved.


And the boys were maybe a little too loud.


So Jessica and I sat in the corner and pretended we didn't know these loud little Jedi boys.

BUT, I will note that the nice lady working at Starbucks also loved their creativity and said why buy toys when you can make something out of straws and cardboard? I took that as an okay to load up on these crafty items before leaving. I mean, my drink was $5.25...so the straws are free. Right?

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