I've Got My Eye On...

I seem to always be shopping and looking for Jessica. Could it be because I have a little girl? Or perhaps it's because I just love to shop. Here are some of my favorites that I have my eye on...
Matryoshka Brooch - Upcycled Pastel Russian Doll

Essie Elephant by Rabbitsmoon

Coin Purses by Chirp and Bloom

Jumbo Matryoshka Paper Doll Blocks by Tiny Giraffe Shop

Fruity Sun Dress by Picky

Vintage Tiny Toy Pots by Sushipot Parts

Sweetest Matryoshka Doll by Regal Cottage


  1. What a lovely treat! I like your style ;) Thanks so much for featuring my dolls here.


  2. Mmmmm. I love matryoshka dolls! What a flattering assortment. Thank you!

  3. ohhh! My six year old would love any of these goodies. Thank you for including my pots too :)


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