Keepin it Green {Happy Earth Day}

Today I used items from the recycle bin for crafts.
Today I didn't do laundry.
Today I brought my own mug to the coffee shop.
Today I made sure to carry scraps out to the compost bin.
Tonight we read about our Earth.
Tonight we talked about what we can do tomorrow.
What did you do for Earth Day?

Enjoy these lovely finds from the fabulous Team ECO ETSY
Market Bag

baby blankets

children's tshirt


floppy hat

shopping bag

....keepin it local....



  1. how lovely!
    you have some great, fresh finds here!
    i'm glad to see my hat among them :)
    Happy spring!

  2. Thank you for including my organic children's tee among these great, ecofriendly designs!
    Your selections are so beautiful!


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