22 April 2011

Small Style No. 2

Yesterday was such a sunny beautiful day, and it was also my hubbie's day off so it was extra special. In the late afternoon we packed up the family and headed to the park. While the boys hiked in the forest and played in the mud Jess and I had a little photo shoot. I forgot my camera bag, but Jess is such a cutie that it didn't matter. She loved soaking up all that sun and the cool spring breeze put giggles on her face.







The boys were too busy playing to sit for photos, but I managed to snap a few.



Joshua....future disc golf champion


Parenting Advice 101....make sure you DO NOT loose sunglasses in the park. You don't want to know the consequences....it involves lots of tears and many meltdowns.

Jessica is wearing: Gap dress {thrifted}, Gap sweater {hand me down}, zuzii headband as a belt

Joshua is wearing: Target pants, The North Face fleece {a splurge while in Maine}, Janie and Jack visor
Jonas is wearing: Target pants, The North Face fleece, Target sunglasses

Footnote: We love sunny days, but we take care of that sensitive baby skin. When Jess wasn't getting her photo taken she had a sun hat on and all the kids wore sunscreen ;) Mama did too.


  1. Awe : ) it looks like your kids really had fun today!!! I love sunny days and park-going even better!

    P.S. - Stoked to hear about the SPF usage! Way to be :D

  2. Jess is a seriously gorgeous little baby! Love that little face and, of course, her pretty outfit!

    And, those boys are so cute! I have had many a meltdowns from things like that. I definitely sympathize with you!

    Thanks so much for participating! Yay!!

  3. Your kids are so sweet!
    I love that headband as a belt idea. It looks gorgeous, as does your wee girl.

  4. @Cindy...thanks :) and YES to the spf. we wear it year round. I'm the whitest person I know in the summer but I'm saving my skin!

    @Morgan thanks lovely lady. And boy was that a meltdown. He talked about it the next day!

    @Ingrid... Thanks! I love your blog and all the wonderful info about crafts. I'm planning on getting that section up soon. Which probably means in like two weeks.

  5. What darling pictures!! I love her little outfit.



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