29 April 2011

Run Away Dog...

Well, today I was going to roll out my new weekly Eco-Friendly Friday post BUT that has now been delayed until next friday. Sometimes life with three children brings the unexpected...ok who am I kidding...you never know what your day will be like with three kids.

Today mine consisted of one sick mama, two fighting boys who lost their listening ears and a little baby who just wants to crawl. Since our day never seemed to end we decided a movie night would be the best ending. As I locked up the house to go to the local Red Box...and maybe Starbucks...I realized I couldn't find the dog. Seriously, who doesn't realize that their dog wasn't in the house for over an hour? A mom of three that's who! So the kids and I piled into the car and drove around for AN HOUR looking for little lost Bailey.

Finally, some nice beer drinking neighbors a few doors down spotted him in the bushes. Yes, I was that crazy lady yelling at my dog as I threw him in the car. Wait, I wouldn't do that....he weighs too much! Oh no, it doesn't end there. It was now dark and cold and I had to go home and give this crazy dog a bath because apparently he took a dip in a pool of mud!

No trip to the Red Box makes kids unhappy. No trip to Starbucks makes for one mad mama. A little Star Wars, homemade iced coffee and cuddle time made us all feel better....except for Bailey. He's in the dog house.


Did I mention that our dog is on anti-anxiety medicine?

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