Small Style No. 3








Somebody was very distracted while I tried to take pictures! All Jessica wanted to do was play with the grass and her bracelet. She loves discovering new objects and the touch and feel of different textures.
Jess is wearing: outfit by Baby Lulu
bracelet made by Yellow Finch Designs
bow from Once Upon a Child
bunny from Peace Toys

I link up with Morgan over at Mama Loves Papa for this great Small Style feature. Make sure to swing by and visit her lovely blog!

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  1. what a great model!! Soooo cute!! Voted for you and will vote daily until May 9th!!

  2. What a great smile she has!!! I love that you got that bow to stay in her hair too - I could never get them to stay in when my baby was that little.

  3. You take the best pictures of your pretty girl! I love that yellow bow in her hair!

    Yay for BOTH of us on Top Kids Style! :)

  4. What a little dolly! And those gorgeous baby blue eyes make me melt.
    I love the styling with the hair clip and bracelet. I wish my wee girl would wear stuff like that but she just pulls it all off and puts it in her handbag.

  5. @Karen Thanks lady!!

    @Upstatemama Believe it or not...the bows and clips do stay!

    @Hannah Thanks! Bunny was a gift...they make great gifts :)

    @Morgan yeah for BOTH of us :) I vote for us daily!

    @ingrid Thank you. I know, I hope the eyes stay blue..we'll see. Don't be fooled....she didn't keep the bracelet on too well. She just wanted to eat it!


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