23 June 2011

Small Style No. 9


Yesterday was an ice cream kinda day. We live close to a great locally owned ice cream parlor and we made a little visit there last night with my best friend. I quickly snapped these photos on our way inside. Unfortunatley, Joshua is now feeling under the weather so we didn't stay long. We headed home for movie night and fort building. I also need to add that I have the best hubbie ever. Somehow, this busy mama forgot to eat dinner last night so Jon went out after work and picked me up an Amy's Pizza. After all the kids were settled in bed we enjoyed pizza and wine on the back porch.

Jonas is wearing:
Polo shirt via Marshalls, Lobster shorts Target, Converse shoes
Jess is wearing:
Romper (no label), Zuzii shoes

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  1. i love that the pics are by that sign. is that wierd of me? lovely, lovely! :)

  2. New reader, just wanted to say that your little family is so lovely! Thanks for sharing these pictures :)

  3. Thanks Caitlin!

    No, not weird they are by the sign :) I actually wanted them by the ice cream truck but the lighting was weird. so we ended up by the sign!

  4. Oh I love ice cream kind of days and Amy's pizzas! Those shorts are great and what sweet romper!!

  5. oh, that outfits go so well together- love it! those boy shorts are so cute!

  6. I am in love with those shorts!!! These photos are great :)

  7. Your kids look georg as ever. I love those little crab shorts. People say there are no fun little boy outfits, but this is proof there is!!!
    I'm enjoying your blog as well...so nice to find it via Small Style.

  8. Great looking kiddos, and oh my, your little girl is adorable! My hubby and I are waiting a little longer to have kids, but I might start trying sooner if they come out looking like yours! lol

  9. @Tara thanks! i do love my amy's pizzas :) i love the baby meals site.

    @Abra thanks lovely lady :)

    @Kelly i got those shorts for both boys on the clearance rack at target!! under $7

    @Erica thank you SO much. there are cute boy outfits, sometimes you just have to look a little harder though

    @Melissa thank you :) :)


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