21 June 2011

A day full of surprises....

Yesterday we celebrated Joshua's 4th birthday, and with everything birthday there's always a surprise. We just didn't realize that it would be Jonas getting sick. He played with his little friend all week, who we just discovered came down with a nasty bug. Jonas woke up with a fever, sore throat and loss of appetite... the beginning signs of the bug. We managed to still celebrate and open Joshua's gift while Jonas lay on the couch. A stuffed yoda, toy grill set, Star Wars spaceship and Spiderman mask seemed to make everyone smile.

Unfortunately, Jon and I made the decision that Jonas couldn't attend the birthday party. It wasn't fair to the other children to expose them to Jonas who could be very contagious. In case you're wondering, he came in contact with someone who had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. We were afraid this was what he had.

Telling Jonas he couldn't come was SO hard....I honestly had tears in my eyes when he started crying. Joshua is his best friend and I know this party meant the world to him. So I did what any mom would do, I ran out to the toy store and bought him legos :)

The pool party was a blast, even though we were rained out. After we munched on some pizza and cupcakes the rain decided to stop so we could actually enjoy the pool. Overall, we had a wonderful day celebrating Josh...minus the little bumps in the road.


Oh...and Jonas is MUCH better today, so I think we avoided that nasty virus.


  1. Awe poor Jonas : ( though I am happy he's getting better! And yayyy Yoda clock for Joshua! :D I just hear his inverted sentence speak xD

  2. ha ha....i know , we love yoda in this house :)


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