26 August 2011

chicago road trip. day three

Jon played a round of golf this morning so I took advantage of my time and slept in. And then, I did something I never do, I had a quite breakfast all by myself. I enjoyed my coffee, took my time, read the newspaper and caught up on some emails and blog reads. And then it got even better....I headed out into the city for a nice stroll and shopping. Jess got a few things from American Apparel, I found some hooks I've had my eye on from Urban Outfitters and I found an awesome hat for fall. The best part is I got to meet my sister for lunch! I can't believe that we'll go weeks without seeing each other in our hometown, but then we meet up in Chicago on a random Wednesday. After lunch, catching up with Becky, a bit more shopping and a latte I headed back to the hotel to get ready for our last night.

Once again, we headed to The Girl and the Goat for drinks and dinner. We tried to order different fare than the first night so we could fully experience the menu. On tonight's agenda were fried pemaquid (oysters), grilled pork ribs with tomatillo mushroom slaw and pan roasted wild striped bass with heirlooms, sea beans and fingerling chips. Oh, and the breads! I forgot to mention the mouth watering breads that are all made in house. Amazing!

At tonight's dinner it was only Jon and I, but we did chat with a great group of guys from NYC who are also in the restaurant industry. And they happened to be in town for Phish, so they must be cool. After dinner we headed to the Willis Tower to meet our cousin and a friend. We had a beautiful view of the city, enjoyed a drink and caught up with friends.

Once we changed into our dancing cloths we headed to the show. I love that all three shows were so different and there was a different energy for each night. Tonight they opened second set with Crosseyed and Painless and they continued this melody as a theme for the entire night. Personally, I loved it and felt that is energized the crowd. It was a great set to the end of a three day run. My only complaint was that they ended second set with a week Antelope (personally, I loved the Antelope at Blossom).

We had an amazing three days and three strong nights of Phish. I am SO glad that we made the last minute decision to go. Thank you grandmas and grandpas for taking care of the children, and thank you for understanding this passion of ours and our music obsession.

drinks at the top of the Willis Tower

fried oysters
a divided sky, which they played first set.

In case you're interested, here is the set list for night three.

And here are day one and day two of our trip.

So, just curious, what music floats your boat? I'm pretty open about the travels we do to see Phish, does anyone else have a similar passion?

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