24 August 2011

chicago road trip. day two

A late breakfast and then off to the Chicago Art Institute for us. I love going to art museums with Jon because we each have a different approach to the arts. Jon searches for realism in art and has a literal view, where I tend to read into symbolism and search for the meaning of a piece of work. Jon's an engineer. He looks at how something is built and how it could be rebuilt. I'm an English nerd searching for meaning through words and images. The museum was wonderful, as always, and brought back memories from when I took Jonas last January. After strolling through our favorite sections (Impressionism, Contemporary, Photography, Current Exhibitions and my favorite exhibit Ralph Eugene Meatyard) and of course stopping at the gift shop we headed for an iced coffee and home.

We met a friend of Jon's from college for dinner at The Girl and the Goat. If you are ever in the Chicago area I highly recommend this fabulous restaurant, the menu is phenomenal. We enjoyed the soft shell crab with sweet corn elote and chili aioli, seared tuna with lamb sausage, grilled blueberry and pepitas, roasted beets with green beans, white anchovy and avocado (creme fraiche on the side) and grilled octopus with guanciale, wax beans, radish, favas and pistachio-lemon vinaigrette. Nothing like taking it easy before heading to the show! We stopped back at the hotel to change into our dancing cloths and off we went. We actually had enough time to walk around and check out the lot where everyone hangs out prior to the show. I may have snagged some fashionable finds for Jessica!

Musically, night two was once again awesome. We had floor tickets this time so that meant we were able to get pretty close. If you're interested in the set list click here. Jon was pretty psyched because they played Let it Loose. While this night was on fire, I actually liked night one's set list better. But put me in a room with Phish and chances are I'll have fun no matter what they play!

Picnik collage
Picnik collage 2
Phish night two UIC
Click here for day one of our trip ♥


  1. Isn't Chicago an awesome town? I'm glad you guys had such a blast, I've loved these last two posts. :)

  2. those pictures are pulling at me - man, i miss chicago!!!! did you go to the billy goat tavern?!?!?
    and i knew i liked you - we used to go see Phish all the time, but i haven't been to a show in years. started to feel kinda old when i was dancing next to some little 13 yo kids!


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