04 August 2011

Eco Friendly Friday

Happy Eco Friendly Friday everyone! Today I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to a fabulous member of Team Eco Etsy. Sowmya is the owner and artist behind The Green Groovy, handpainted green art and accessories. Her work is absolutley beautiful, nature inspired and very detailed. I'm looking forward to making a purchase in the near future. I am in love with her handpainted floral totes. Make sure to check her out!

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Your handpainted pieces are absolutley amazing! How did you get started with this craft? Do you have a background in art or painting? Have you always painted?

I have been painting since I was 7. Its always been a passion and a hobby for me. I took lessons in water and fabric painting growing up but no formal art education. I am also, to an extent, self-taught. When I decided to quit the corporate office in 2006, art was the next best thing to occur naturally. I cannot imagine doing any other thing now.

Sowmya at work.

I love that your pieces appear nature inspired. What IS your inspiration? Do you tend to sit down and just paint OR do you brainstorm before and plan out each piece?

Nature-Flora and Fauna mainly are my inspirations. The colors and shapes behind these wonderful creations stir the artist in me. Most of my work, with the exception of a few custom/seasonal pieces is mostly spontaneous.

How did you choose jute as your medium to work with?

I started off with cotton canvas bags and then didn't want to do something everybody was doing. I wanted to introduce something new and different and the fact that Jute is ecofriendly made it seem the perfect medium to experiment with. The art and craft show response has been very good and people do enjoy the texture and the look of the fabric and the fact that my pieces are unique.

Being eco friendly plays an important role in my life, tell us a little bit about how you're eco friendly? How is your business eco friendly?

Jute fabric is eco friendly in that it is 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. Jute products are reusable and durable too.

Thank you SO much Sowmya, is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your business?

I am so lucky to share my art with my peers and art lovers. I am branching out now into doing nature themed watercolors and also some miniature art jewelry. So be sure to check out my etsy shop often for new offerings.


What are you doing today to be Eco Friendly? Leave us a comment and let us know :)


  1. Aloha! I am an artist and strive to be eco-friendly at all cost with my art. I am currently painting on reclaimed vintage sheet music. :) Check out my blog at www.elisenicolek.blogspot.com to see some of my latest work. Love your blog! Cheers!

  2. Liz, Thanks so much for the feature! Appreciate it.


  3. Hi Elise! Thank you so much :) Thanks for sharing your link and I love your art. I'm actually holding off on my eco friendly friday posts (simplifying things around here), but if I pick it back up I'll contact you!!

    Thanks again,


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