07 August 2011

When you're pregnant with your third child no one tells you how busy your life is about to become. Not a single person. I cannot believe how busy my life is. I no longer am able to get those three mile runs in everyday, I struggle to find time to make jewelry, the beds get made at four p.m. and the laundry……well……let’s not go there. I have finally come to the conclusion that I am actually making matters worse by bringing more projects to the table. Blog projects, jewelry ones, vintage, house, yard you name it. It’s time to simplify things around here. You’ll notice some subtle changes on the blog, just some cleaning up and simplifying, so please let me know what you think. I’ve also taken on the project (yes, another one) of clearing the clutter in my home. Slowly, I am feeling I can breathe again. One day these projects will be done, but for right now it’s off to enjoy some books and homemade organic rice crispy treats with the kids!

A few pictures from our lovely saturday.




Vintage baby
Jessica in her vintage bathing suit from 1970 that belonged to my sister.

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