13 August 2011

a glimpse into our weekend.

I always feel like our weekends are so different than the "normal" weekend. Because Friday and Saturday are our busiest nights at the restaurant, Jon puts a lot of hours in over the traditional weekend. Jon has off on Thursdays so we make sure to utilize this family time. This past Thursday was...well....awesome! It was the perfect ending to summer, not that summer is over, but we'll be out of town next Thursday and the following one Jonas will be in school.

We didn't do much during the day. We woke up late, lounged around, lazily sipped our coffees, I read a book and we played a game with the kids. I guess this would be the normal things that other families do on Saturdays? Later in the afternoon we headed up to the pool to join some friends for swim time, drinks and dinner. It felt so good to hang out with friends AND my hubbie. I always fly solo on the weekends because Jon is at the restaurant.

After lots of swimming, ahi tuna tacos, and treats for the kids we decided to go for a boat ride. There's something about having to put on a sweatshirt in the summer when the cool breeze from a lake makes it's way over your skin. I don't know if it brings back memories from childhood, but I'll throw on a sweatshirt during a summer night anytime.

As the sun settled over the sky our evening came to an end. When we docked the boat it was nighttime and bedtime. We headed home with three sleepy kids and a mama and dad who couldn't wait to cuddle on the couch and watch a show.

Some other things that happened this weekend:
I spotted Jessica's SEVENTH tooth coming in, Jonas lost his third tooth, I did lots of laundry, Joshua successfully swims on his own, Jonas used his own money that he's been saving to buy new legos, mom didn't have money at the coffee shop and had to borrow money from Jonas, we hit the farmer's market and we made zucchini bread with veggies from our garden.

So, this is a glimpse into our weekend. How was your weekend? I would love to hear what you did. Do you have a typical weekend or does work play a factor into the schedule?

spaghetti pool side

this girl loves her pasta


you can see where Jonas lost his tooth and it's already coming in (shark teeth)









  1. Everyone looks so cozy and happy in your pictures. And the full moon is beautiful, too. I spent a day mushroom picking in the woods yesterday, it was refreshing and the weather was great.

  2. @karuski thank you. what kind of mushroom picking did you do?? in the spring we love to morrel mushroom hunt.

  3. Beautiful pictures and beautiful family :)

  4. Sounds like a lovely mid-week weekend! I can relate to the non-typical weekend days as my Chef husband used to never be off on weekends. It sor of throws you off balance, and is difficult for arranging social events with regular (non F&B) people. However, it does mean that when you do weekend things, like going to the beach, there are fewer people about, which is good!

    In the last couple of weeks, though, my chef has been taking off Sat. AND Sun. and it has been lovely.


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