15 August 2011

Gonna Take My Bike Out

Well, as you read this Jon and I will be on our way to Chicago for a little "mom and dad" time. Every fall we take a trip just the two of us. It's the best advice my parents ever gave us, and we are fortunate enough that we have awesome grandparents to watch the kids. While we're gone I have a couple fun little posts lined up that I've been meaning to share with you.

In the meantime, here's a little video we made this weekend. A simple Saturday with our bikes. Jonas is VERY excited that he can ride without any help, and Joshua....well, he's getting there. Hopefully in the future I will master my video taking skills. It was a little difficult with three kids and three bikes!

Music by Trey Anastasio "Let me Lie"
I used the 8mm and iMovie apps on my iPhone

Oh...and the reason we are going to Chicago may be because Phish is playing at UIC ♥


  1. Hello Elizabeth,
    I loved watching your video; your hubby and you are so blessed with three beautiful precious children. Have a wonderful time on your trip away.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. You had to put Trey as background music, didnt you? shhheeeeesh.

  3. @drea just for you ;) Hehehe whenever I get around to sending m her hair clips I may have to slip in a mix cd. Course at the rate I move that'll be next year.

    @paula thank you very much!!


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