30 August 2011

a little surprise.

Jon called me on the way home from work and said "Honey, I have a surprise for you." My response, "Did you stop at the store and get the ingredients for dinner (so ya know, I didn't have to take all three kids)."
Jon, "No no, it's bigger than that."
"Is it something pretty that I can wear, like jewelry?" I replied with excitement.
"No honey, but I thought you would say that."
"Is it flowers, because I'm such a hardworking mom?"
"No, but one day I WILL get you flowers."
"Ok, I give up" I said.
"It's a sweeper! Isn't that great? I knew you would be surprised."

Now...I do have to say that my honey listens. I have been complaining for quite some time that our sweeper doesn't work. I'm not sure why I just didn't stop and buy one myself, but this was a nice little surprise. AND the timing couldn't be better. Bailey is going through an unusual molting season, which, apparently, only happens every three years.

Jessica is very excited about the sweeper too.
These balls of fur are all over our house. It's really out of control.
Good thing he's so cute.


  1. Hahaha yay for a new sweeper! :D Bailey IS shedding, holy moley! lol! Great timing!

  2. We have 4 pets and I feel like I need to sweep every day! What a thoughtful husband :D

  3. I got excited over our new sweeper also. :) You have some hair that is for sure!

  4. Oh, funny. But practical gifts can be great, too :) We've got two long haired cats so I totally understand how you feel about cleaning.

  5. You know you're an adult when you get pretty excited about practical gifts. My first thought was OH AWESOME! :)


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