29 August 2011

my baby's a kindergartener.


He was excited and ready to take on that first day of school. He was the first one to wake in the morning; dressed, shirt tucked in, shoes on and teeth brushed. While I was certainly excited for this day, I was not willing to let go of my little boy so easily. I just can't believe how fast time goes (don't we say that all the time). And to think, I even had an extra year with my little man because we choose to hold him back. The best decision we ever made. Over a single year he blossomed into a leader and eager learner.

Unfortunately we had a rainy first day of school, but that didn't stop our smiles. Joshua was very interested in Jonas' classroom and had to come with us to check it out. As we ran between the raindrops we entered school and were greeted by his new teacher. He hung his raincoat, put away his backpack and greeted friends right before the school bell rang.

When it was time to pick him up I honestly think I was so excited that I couldn't contain myself. I wanted to hear about every single detail. We just had to go get hot chocolates and chat about his first day of kindergarten.

Jonas' comment about his first day of school, "But mommy, I didn't learn to read today." This little man is SO eager to learn how to read (which we have been working on at home). The good news is that mom survived this day. I may have cried, I may have snuck in some extra kisses that night, but I have never been prouder of my Jonas. He's such a big boy.

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  1. Aww sweet boy! He's looking so old and grown up. :) Congrats to all of you!


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