11 August 2011

a real day. small style No. 11

If you haven't noticed by now, every Thursday is Small Style. This is usually a time where I dress up the kids and drag them out for photos. While we have a blast, I'm sure it's not their favorite activity. I planned on taking photos last night, but we were having so much fun playing in the office that I said forget it....I'm showing what our real style is all about. It usually consists of rolling out of bed and hanging out in our jammies until noon. Unless we're going to the pool. Then we hang out in our swim gear all day. I typically dress Jessica in the morning, but as the day continues the layers seem to come off. At the end of the day she sports a onsie.

It's summer in our house and we only have one week left of enjoying the freedom. I'd rather have fun than worry about what to wear :)

So here's our attempt at a Small Style post!


Don't forget to stop by Mama Loves Papa for more Small Style features...I'm sure you'll find more style over there! I hope to capture some better style pictures of the kids next week, but it's fun to show our real day.


  1. This is too funny! Round here, we've also been hanging out in onsies pretty much exclusively for the past three days. And I feel pretty good about myself if I manage to put pants on MY BODY by 11. (Ha. Haven't got that far today!) Whatever It's lazy summer, and so we're not too bothered.
    Anyway, love these real life photos. Darling.

  2. Hahaha awww man, too adorable! :)

  3. I love a little bit of crazy small style. It is like that at my place too.

  4. Oh, I love their "real" style! Those are great photos! Enjoy your last week of summer!! :)

  5. I love the real style! Especially when it includes being able to hang out poolside! And babies in onesies are great because it shows off those awesome chunky baby thighs. I've said it before, I wish chunky thighs were as socially acceptable on adults as they are babies!


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