09 August 2011

ten months old.


My baby is ten months old.

She is the most amazing little girl I know and makes me smile everyday. Everyday my heart melts because I have so much love for this child (and my other children and my husband). I feel like I am the luckiest woman alive. When I'm overwhelmed or stressed I just stop and take a deep breath. I look at my family and think....this is what life is about.

At ten months old Jessica is pulling herself to standing on everything!! She can stand briefly for a moment without holding on. She climbs on the couch and on her little chair. She waves bye bye. She points. She gets very upset when you take something away! She loves to rock, she loves to sing and she love loves music. She even dances and moves her little legs. She also loves to eat. She is completely on solids and self feeds herself. She loves all fruit and most veggies. On most nights she enjoys fish or free range chicken. Pancakes are a must for breakfast. She uses her sippy cup, but prefers a cup with no lid. It's a little (ok a lot) messy, so we enjoy this outside.

Jessica is wearing: vintage dress and diaper cover, zuzii bow, stepping stones shoes (via Marshalls)

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  1. She is so precious. I love that yellow on her, she looks like a doll!


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