27 September 2011

camping with kids. part two.

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These moments that we create, these moments that create who we become, are tightly tucked away in a special place in my heart. I will never let them go. I will never forget. The smile on Jonas' face when he actually caught a fish (his first ever), the echoing laughter that danced from Joshua, a hushed giggle from a small baby. The evening stars that mesmerized our eyes because surely this couldn't be an Ohio sky. The sounds of nature that drifted into silence.
The moment when we held hands while our children soundly slept and agreed
life is good.

Other highlights of our trip include:
reading by flashlight in the tent while Jessica slept
hiking through the woods as the sun began to set
making sausage sandwiches with sautéed onions and peppers
eating yummy gooey s'mores
enjoying a bottle of Soda Canyon Cabernet with Jon
hanging out around the fire after the little ones were asleep
cuddling with my loves all night long
Bailey not running away (although we did slip him an extra anti-anxiety pill before we left)

Do you like to camp? What are some of your special moments with camping?

And, just in case you missed Part One of our trip click here.


  1. I LOVE the family portrait! For a second there I couldn't see your oldest boy... & then I started laughing. His costume is the best :)

  2. I've never really wanted to go camping before but after reading this blog post I honestly want to buy a tent and go next summer. It looks like y'all had an amazing time with awesome memories made. The Star Wars costume is so rad.

  3. Hello Elizabeth,
    Your camping photos are awesome. I love camping with my family. Some of my best memories as a Mom are of our family camping trips. Thanks for sharing.
    Smiles, Paula

  4. love your pictures ... i believe camping is one of the best memory makers :)

  5. The family picture totally cracks me up! Love the costume!

    I'm not a huge fan of camping. I love all of the daytime stuff, but the sleeping in a tent with babies who wake up in the night? Not my favorite. Although, the rest of my family loves it and I'm hoping Finley will be old enough to sleep soundly next year.


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