26 September 2011

camping with kids. part one.

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There's something about nature that makes my heart tingle.
The smell of evergreens and the open woods. The crisp feeling of autumn as it softly floats by you in a gust of wind.
The subtle sounds of running water and rustling leaves in the distant wind.

I meant to share our little adventure with you last week, but things are extremely busy over here and I'm about a week behind on posts. Two Sundays ago we had the best camping trip with the kids. Since it was our first time camping with the little ones we decided to go for one night to Wolf Run State Park, but I was ready for more. Jon picked up this humongous tent because our old tent looked like it went through some wear and tear from the pre children era. We had so much room to move it was great. And even Bailey enjoyed sleeping with us. In fact, Bailey was so well behaved I was amazed. It was also his first camping trip.

Oh, and if you've never danced in a tent, I highly recommend it. As you can see this was Joshua's idea and it was a wonderful idea.

And in case you are wondering, Jonas wore his Star Wars costume ninety percent of the time.


  1. Love this Libby! We took our girls (Morgan's second and Tatum's first) camping trip over Labor Day. They had a blast and spent most of their time "creeking" and catching an endless array of bugs. If only the heat had not been unbearable, followed by nasty rain--we certainly would have stayed longer!

  2. Hahaha love the Star Wars costume! Perfect camping gear. Looks like a lovely little giveaway...glad everyone could come :)

  3. I'm so happy you left a comment on my blog- thanks kindly! I am happy to have found your blog now. I'll be sure to visit often! Your kids are beautiful. and isn't camping the best?

  4. Those munchkins are mighty adorable! I can't believe my two will be that big one day... yet I know it's right around the corner! :(

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi


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