07 September 2011

feeling overwhelmed.

Today has been one of those days. Wednesdays are our "busy" days, but I was feeling particularly overwhelmed today. After I dropped Jonas off at school I came home to get Joshua ready for his first day of school. Jess and I took him into his classroom, snapped a couple pictures (more to come later) and off we went to her music class. All morning Jess was a bit off and actually cried during her class. If you know Jess, you know she's really not a crier. In fact, she is the happiest baby and always smiles....except for today. Could be all the new teeth that are coming in at once.

Josh first day of school
The happiest preschooler ever.

To celebrate Joshua's big day we went to lunch and ordered hot chocolates afterwards. Then homeward bound so I could clean up from breakfast, make the beds and do a load of laundry....which reminds me....it's still sitting in the wash. Oops. Normally I get these chores done in the morning, but I was rushed to get everyone to school and music. Once these were done it was already time to pick up Jonas at 2:35, even though he's in school all day it still seems to go so fast. A Starbucks trip was in order since mama was feeling a bit off today. Oh, and I have encountered a new problem with these afternoon latte runs. Now the boys want smoothies and how do I say no when I'm getting a fancy drink? This is NOT good for the wallet.

afternoon crafts

tea time anyone

After school Jonas is allowed to play video games or watch tv for half hour and I put Jess down for her nap and checked a couple emails. Then luckily the boys played while I started dinner. I really didn't feel like cooking but we ended up having veggie tacos with guacamole, chips and salsa. As usual, everyone runs away from the dinner table and mom is stuck cleaning. Again, kids played (thank goodness) while I cleaned up. We had about a half hour before the bedtime routine so we decided to play some games. Of course the boys couldn't agree so I divided my time between puzzles and a game of Trouble. Jess had her own agenda so I played peek a boo with her under the table, slapped a couple puzzle pieces together and rolled the dice all at the same time. Sometimes I truly feel like super mom when I balance my time between three children who all need me at the SAME time. And of course sometimes I just want to run into the closet and cry.....just kidding!

showing little sister his legos

puzzle challenge

Jonas game
silly boy

Naturally, when I said it was time for bed Joshua threw himself on the ground and cried while flailing his body all around. I think Jonas saw the look on my face because he ran up stairs and hid..... I mean got his jammies on. Once Joshua cooled off he joined his brother. I may have distracted him with a little bedtime snack and made a game out of choosing a book. So we cuddled on the floor and read our books and ate our snacks. Potty, brushed teeth, chatted for a few minutes and to my own disbelief the boys were in bed at 7:55pm!

I've learned that, as moms, we all get overwhelmed at times. I actually give myself credit because I do think that patience is one of my attributes, be we all have days where we are just off and today was one of them. Tonight I'll focus, drink some green tea, listen to music and get my work done and get caught up. That's all I really want....to get caught up.... on laundry, yard work, jewelry, photo editing, thank you cards, work at Benders....well, caught up in life I suppose.

it's time to use this organizer! i have too many meetings, doctor's appointments, school dates, birthday parties, blog posts, art shows, you name it going on.

Oh, and I should note that Jonas only came downstairs twice. Once at 8:22 to tell me he wasn't asleep yet and again at 8:40 to inform me that Joshua fell out of bed. Indeed, Joshua did fall out of bed and he never woke up! Amazing.

**Jonas was showing Jessica his legos under my supervision. We have a no mom no lego rule with Jessica because they are tiny tiny and a choking hazard **


  1. Wow, busy day! I can't imagine the life of a mother dealing with three little autonomous beings! My hat is off to you...and here's hoping you get some good rest soon.

  2. That is a busy day, Liz! I do think you are a wonderful mother and so very patient. Raising children is never an easy task. You do it so well that you should be proud. I do feel you on the overwhelmed spectrum. Too much school! Also stress in something else that I might e-mail to you about : / makes me sad lol..oh well, it'll get better right? Things will be come less overwhelming and days will be sunny. Even if the clouds are out. :)

  3. Enjoy your tea after your crazy busy day.


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