06 September 2011

to the fair we go.

boys lemonade

cotton candy



boys ride

josh slide


ferris wheel

close up ferris

ferris wheel 2

mama and boys

To start our Labor Day weekend the kids and I decided to go to the fair on Friday. Luckily we grabbed my parents and they joined us for this little adventure. I didn't realize it was going to be such a hot day here in Ohio and poor little Jess was so tired and warm! She hung out with my dad in the shade and indoors while my mom, the boys and myself rode the rides and walked around. The boys loved the animals, the rides and the dippin dots. I loved watching the look on their faces while they went down the huge slide and that first picture of Jonas and Joshua sharing a lemonade....makes my heart melt.

It was a good Friday. The boys hung out with their babysitter that night and I got to go out with friends to our downtown's First Friday event and to a late dinner. After Jon closed up the restaurant we had some friends back to our house for a little late night Phish show. They played in Denver all weekend and we purchased the stream so we watched them live in our own living room.

How was your long weekend?

I should probably tell you that it was seriously so hot and sticky! Notice how red Joshua's cheeks are and his hair is a bit on the crazy side. It was so hot I think he lost his curls.


  1. These are such nice photos and you look so lovely in your cute outfit! It's so hard to imagine hot weather when SF is constantly cold and foggy... but we are starting to see some warm trends so hopefully I'll get to wear some cute summer dresses soon. :) Ah, I gotta find a fair near me to bring my daughter to... it's such a happy place for the kids.

  2. geewhiz! i didnt realize until just now that you are in Canton! i have been following you for a lil while and I live in Parkersburg,WV just around 2 hours away! fun! we will definately have to check out Benders when we are driving thru sometime!!~margo

  3. I like Dippin' Dots but they kind of burn my mouth weirdly. Also, love your son's shoes...I love me some Sambas!

    I never answered you about Cleveland but I was there for 9 months in 2009/2010! I'll have to let you know if I get sent there again :)


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