03 September 2011

hello september.

tree berries

as i glance around i see pieces of september in our days.
a fallen leave that walks across our porch. hints of red and orange that trickle over the trees. a slow cool breeze that gently kisses our faces while we play.


There's something about the fall that makes my heart flutter. The smells of nature, cinnamon and spice, the bright hues of red, yellow and orange, baking on a weekend afternoon, listening to children play and laugh in a pile of leaves. I love fall and I love fall in Ohio. I feel like this weekend has officially began the autumn season and I couldn't be happier. We'll be spending it with friends and family, enjoying the last day of the pool, listening to music, and of course enjoying good food and wine. What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?

Whatever they may be....enjoy ♥


  1. I love fall so very much :) This is a lovely post.

  2. gorgeous photos! hooray for fall! FAVE! xo

  3. Gorgeous photography, Liz :)

    Thank you for the warm wishes! I am feeling a little sick this weekend. I planned on catching up on rest and school work, but I think sleeping is nice too. Haha

    I feel the same about the colors and the smells of autumn. The season in PA is wonderful too. My sister lives in OH, I always forget you live there! It must be lovely in your area. :)

  4. yes yes! i wrote a post about my love of Fall a few days ago too :) my faaaavourite time of year for sure.


  5. Loving these :) LOVE your blog. Happy to have found it :)! Fall is the best time of year here in Utah.

  6. Fall seems like it happened over night this year! The photos you posted are beautiful, and definitely helping me get into the groove for the season.

    Although Fall is probably my favorite season, I enter it kicking a screaming because I don't ever want summer to end.


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