01 October 2011

organizing the toy room.

I can't take it anymore, the toys have overtaken our house and I want it back. So awhile back we banished them to the basement. Well, they took control of that too. It's time to get down to business and take charge and organize the toy room. And let me tell you, this is a serious task. It dawned on me last week that something needed to change when I actually lost Jessica in the toy room. No joke. The kids and I were playing amongst the massive amount of "stuff" when I looked around and couldn't see Jess. Naturally, I freaked out and scurried around looking for her until Jonas cracked up laughing and said "Mom, she's playing under the art center." First, who has an art center in their toy room, and second it was time to clear the clutter!

Here is the result.

toy room

toy room 2

toy room 3

toy room 4

toy room 5

The tent inspiration came from here. I must say, Drea's looks much prettier, but as long as it's fun it doesn't matter how it's assembled. As long as it's safe of course. Since we're on a tight budget around this house we used what we could find. Left over pieces of molding, an old curtain rod and scrap material I sewed together to fit for a total cost of $0. Now that fits in our budget!

As for the toys, I organized and grouped them together and they each have a bin or container. Books are housed in the bookcase, Jonas keeps all Legos on his desk in plastic bins with lids. We make sure to keep all the instruction booklets in his drawer. Joshua uses his little table and chairs as his art center and we hold paintbrushes and markers in vintage containers and jars. The large toy box holds odds and ends. Jessica has the tent all to herself and her precious belongings.

Now comes the big question....how did I clear the clutter? One night when the boys went to sleep I pulled any and all toys that don't get played with too often. I put these into several large Rubbermaid bins and held onto them for a good week. Sadly, we actually had that many toys! Throughout the week only one or two major toys were missed and they made their way back to the toy room. The others were sent on to find new homes. I also went through the puzzles and games and sent those to new homes too. Seriously, who needs 27 puzzles? The end result is a toy room where I can actually see my kids play and they don't get lost among the clutter.

I also should state that ninety percent of the toys were gifted to us or handed down from friends and family. It's amazing how these things accumulate.


  1. It looks gorgeous! I love it! I struggle with clutter and I don't even have kids! :(

  2. lovely room!!!!!!!
    I'm following if you can follow me back!
    Kisses xoxo

  3. I LOVE this room! It turned out great!

  4. You did a great job! I just love everything you did with it :)


  5. Love it! This is so cute and inspiring!


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