04 October 2011

a waterpark adventure.

boys 2

boys 3


A food convention for Jon. A waterpark adventure for the boys and myself.
To be honest, I'm not really one for amusement parks so I didn't know what to expect. I can, however, tell you what I found. Fun, laughter, two silly boys, and lots and lots of water! We had an amazing time. I am so glad that we seized this opportunity and tagged along with Jon. I think it's exactly what the boys needed....some time just for them. They had my full undivided attention for two days and it was fabulous. We had an indoor waterpark to experience, pizza in bed and a late night movie. I loved every moment. Ok, well, maybe the water part got a little old after four hours, but how do I say no to those faces.

I will say that Josh is such a little guy and we were so limited with the slides he could go on. It broke my heart a bit to see his face when Jonas went on the big slides and he couldn't. He got some extra cuddles that night. And maybe a piece of candy.


  1. Your entire family is so ridiculously adorable! Your kids are so cute and funny.

  2. Your kids are seriously cutttte! Thanks for linking up! You look great :)


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