23 November 2011

grateful for family.


Picnik collage josh

Yesterday Joshua and I had a wonderful day at his school for the Thanksgiving Feast. They had the cutest performance from all the grades followed by a feast with handpicked items from the children. Let's just say the menu was interesting! And what did my little Joshua choose to bring? Why, Pirate Booty of course. I've never had it because it has dairy but the boys love it.



Joshua's amazing Thanksgiving book was the centerpiece for our table. This little book is so beautiful and made my heart melt while I read through the pages.
These are the memories that I look forward to bringing out when he is older.
Reminiscing on old times. Laughing. Talking.
Sharing moments as family.




I am grateful for the time we share now.
I am grateful for the memories we are building.
I am grateful for family.
They carry me and guide me in the right direction.
They make me smile when thoughts walk my mind.
They make me laugh with each day.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving week.
Is there anything in particular that you are grateful for?
Share below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Today I am off to Jonas' Thanksgiving Feast then home to bake my pies for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening tonight. Jon is still home recovering. Which, it's kinda weird having him around for the week. I'm not used to hanging out after the kids go to bed. I've really enjoyed our time together this week. This weekend we have my brother, his wife and their boys staying with us AND we put up the tree!!


  1. ok every time I see Josh's dreamy eyes staring out at me my heart goes all mush... he looks so dapper in his handsome outfit too!! Happy American Thanksgiving to you and your fine family... they're the best treasures to be thankful for ... and putting up a tree - wow!
    Have a wonder-full time!
    needle and nest design

  2. I love the painting of joy's. It's beautiful and make some post only for his painting, set task and do it properly, I would like read that.


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