25 November 2011

tradition with a twist.


Every year our Thanksgiving is filled with tradition. Typically, I wake up early and run the 5K Turkey Trot and when I get home Jon golfs with the guys. My day is spent hagning out with the kids and baking and when Jon comes home we head over to his dad's house.
This year we celebrated with tradition but we also had a twist.

I woke up in the morning to one sick little boy. Poor Jonas had a high temperature and headache which stuck with him all day. Jon was still feeling under the weather from his surgery and decided to take it easy. No race. No golf. Instead we hung out around the house and were lazy. I did get a run in though and it was much needed with all the food that I would be eating.

thanksgiving 3

thanksgiving 4

I baked my vegan pumpkin pie, a fabulous sweet potato casserole that I made with coconut milk and Jon made his famous mashed potatoes. We may have even enjoyed a bloody mary during all this baking. Around 3:30 we packed up and headed to his dad's house for our first dinner. At 6:30 we headed to my parents for our second dinner.

thanksgiving 5

thanksgiving 6


All the packing up and moving gets to be hard but I suppose it's part of the tradition. It's nice to be able to spend the holiday with all of our parents, even if it gets a little crazy. We had one sick boy and my poor dad had a broken arm and injured back but we made it work. Here's to tradition and the holidays. I hope you enjoyed yours! Today is for lounging around the house, working out, eating yummy leftovers with my parents, decorating for Christmas, and spending time with my brother and his family.

please excuse the not so great photos.


  1. You always have the most beautiful photography. Your photos truly capture the spirit of the day.

  2. What does your husband put in his mashed potatoes? I am intrigued!

    Your pictures are stunning, as always...and sorry that Jonas wasn't feeling well, but it sounds like you guys made the best of it! <3

  3. With family we have very short time to enjoy in week, But i think you are going to perfect dad and also husband for your family. And your photography is so wonderful and kids are so lovely.


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