27 December 2011

christmas eve and day.

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good food






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Our Christmas Eve is filled with family, food and friends.
Every year it is tradition to eat a late lunch at the restaurant. If you can believe it this is actually our busiest day of the year. We gathered around with close family to enjoy the tradition of lobster rolls, Jerry fries and bloody Mary's. After lunch I always head to mass with the kids and this year my family joined me for the "children's" mass. Once church lets out everyone heads over to our house for more tradition: tappas, wine and baccalĂ  (a salted cod fish) which my dad makes with tomatoes, olives, potatoes and a cream broth (olive oil for me). My mother has passed along this Spanish tradition and I can't wait to pass it along to my family. Sometimes we also have octopus, but my dad is still mastering his technique with that one.
This year Jon got home in time to tuck the boys in and say good night.

And while we slept Santa came and ate our cookies, drank our wine and left a few presents along the way.


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After morning at our home we head to Jon's dad's house for a late breakfast and presents.
And maybe champagne and bloody mary's ;)
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I spy a Josh...

And for dinner we celebrate with my family.
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I have to say that I have never EVER been so surprised by Santa. When I opened my gift I cried. Not out happiness for what I received but because my husband was so generous and loving. We had talked about this gift but we both knew now was not the time. Things are a little tight on our end and with an upcoming move we have lots to budget for.
Thank you Jon from the bottom of my heart.


I am SO excited to start playing with my new toy. I haven't even had the chance because we were so busy with family and now we are showing our house this week!! Yikes. We're also looking at some houses too. We found one we really like but you'll hear more about the tomorrow.


  1. what a wonderful christmas! love the pic of your boys by the tree! and OH MY GOSH! best christmas present eva! MacBooks are the best!!

  2. what great pictures! i loooooove the plaid overalls on Jess, and that play kitchen is perfect!

    yay for your gift! i was getting a wee bit jealous of seeing a lot of blog friends get these awesome notebooks and then lo and behold my husband wins one yesterday and he is giving it to me! he won it through his business he owns, i'm so so excited. :) i've never used a mac so it will be a new learning experience for me!

  3. Your photos are gorgeous! I am so glad I am following you now! Also, the shape of your Christmas tree is the most precious thing ever. Love it!

  4. I have to say that I have never EVER been so amazed by Father christmas. When I started out my present I cried. Not out enjoyment for what I obtained but because my man was so nice and nurturing.

  5. What an amazing Christmas! Such a beautiful family. I love her little kitchen playset!

  6. Y'alls Christmas Eve looks and sounds amazing! I love the little necklace you made for Jess and that kitchen is so cute. I'm glad that y'all had such a wonderful holiday.

  7. Your photographs are so wonderful! I am so happy I am following you now! Also, the appearance of your Xmas shrub is the most special element ever. Really like it!

  8. i was getting a wee bit envious of seeing a lot of site associates get these amazing laptops and then lo and observe my man benefits one last night and he is providing it to me!


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