28 December 2011

house hunt.

great tile, awesome light fixtures but the crazy metallic wall paper would go.

It's official. Our home is on the market and we're on a house hunt. When it comes to our future home Jon and I are similar minded. We love split levels and ranches, we love older homes and we love a neighborhood with an old school feel. We're looking for character and charm and something that we can stay in for the rest of our lives. This means a home that can accommodate small children that will grow into teenagers. Jon and I both agree that we would love for our house to be the hang out house, I would rather my children spend time with their friends under my roof than someone else's. I look forward to a home filled with children, running and playing, music and movies. I look forward to cooking and baking and filling our home with memories.

i love love this living room space

The first house is one we really have our eye on. It's in a great older neighborhood, close to the school and right down the street from my sister. The downfall about this house is it needs serious (serious) work. In fact, every single room needs works which means lots of time and money. I certainly know there will be work in any house but I don't want to still be working on our house ten years down the road. And unfortunately, we are working with a small budget so that means no huge projects and this house needs them. But I still have my eye on it. I have my hopes that it would sell for the right price,

The second set of pictures are from a home we saw yesterday. Again, older neighborhood older home. While this house needed some work it is very livable. Any updates would simply be cosmetic. Take the carpets out and pray there is hardwood underneath and paint (white of course). I think that kitchen is waiting to become an all white kitchen! The layout was a traditional split level, which appeals to us, and it had a spacious backyard.

So, my friends, wish us luck as we continue on this journey. It's a stressful one that has pulled me away from many activities (blogging, trying out the new computer, reading, working out, crafts and my jewelry). Yesterday we showed the house two times and I have to be honest, I can't do this for a year. We stayed up until three am getting ready and then I woke up early and finished the cleaning, washed down walls, touched up paint and swept. My car was filled and I mean FILLED with stuff that had to go, not to mention three kids and a eighty pound dog. The kids sensed my tension, I was tired and cranky. So today we're taking off. We're going to visit my brother in Columbus to enjoy family and good food, hit the North Market, and of course watch some live Phish tonight since Jon and I can't be at the Madison Square Garden shows (insert sad face).

Enjoy your day friends.
I feel like this holiday season has been a bit stressful... I hope yours has been stress free.

and, this is my first official post on the new mac ;)
it only took me seven hours! slowly but surely i'll figure this baby out.


  1. oh i just love house hunting! i think it's so so fun. both of those homes look amazing! so much potential!! i'm sure you would make either of them look amazing! what school district do y'all live in?

  2. Liz! I love it. Whatever you guys settle on will be awesome, I'm sure. Do you know how long you guys are gonna look before you decide?

  3. Fun! Gosh I wish we lived closer bc I would totally help you with fixing your house purchase up, thats how my husband and I met :-) we were both lending a hand to one of my old co-workers who was married to one of his best friends house. I was painting and Scott was helping with the wiring issues :-)

    I bet what ever you find will be perfect xoxo

  4. We're "house" hunting right now too (I put it in air quotes because we are just looking to rent)...it can be so stressful! I wish you luck :) <3

  5. I just really like home hunting! I think it's so so fun. both of those residences look amazing! so much potential!! I am sure you would create either of them look amazing!


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