we danced the night away.



market collage


market collage 2









There's nothing like grabbing a coffee, jumping in the car with the family and heading off for a road trip. Our drive took us straight to the North Market in Columbus which is no surprise since Jon and I always make it our mission to seek out the best markets and local grocery stores. We filled our bellies with Pho, Jeni's ice cream and Americanos and then headed to my brothers house. While cousins played and giggles streamed from the basement Jon and I prepared dinner with my brother Mike and his wife Liz.

We sampled wines. We sampled breads. We devoured some delicious artichoke and carmel onion spreads that we picked up at the market. Once the little ones were tucked in tight underneath their sleeping bags we enjoyed a late night dinner of braised short ribs, egg noodles and a strawberry and candied pecan salad accompanied by a trio of wines. Dessert brought us a platter of truffles and crépes suzette. The only thing missing was an espresso but it was well into the night at this point and I certainly didn't need caffeine to keep the night going. We finished our evening off by watching the second set of live Phish on their New Years run at Madison Square Garden. Secretly while I danced I wished I was there (I have yet to see a New Years show) but couldn't be more happy with my family dancing the night away by the Christmas tree.


  1. Mmmm looks like you all had fun and had some great food

    ps your GORGEOUS!

  2. mmm, you've definitely made me hungry! also, i can't help but get a little jealous when i see anyone talk about pho because i LOVE it but there are no pho restaurants around here!

  3. Sounds like so much fun :) Food looks yummy and your outfit is gorgeous!


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