light up downtown.

Every year we celebrate the lighting of downtown on the first week of December. We have a tradition of going to Bender's (our restaurant) first for an early dinner, bundling up and walking around, enjoying the fireworks and the lighting of the streets.
Afterwards we head back to the restaurant for hot chocolates and dessert.


My parents and Jon's mom always join us for this yearly tradition.

Picnik collage

Since we had the back room to ourselves the kids could run and play while the adults sat around and talked.


All bundled up for fireworks and an evening stroll.



Does your town celebrate the lighting of the streets?
Do you have any special traditions that you participate in year after year?
Feel free to share your traditions.

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  1. So fun! I love family traditions :) Our town is too small for such things.

    By the way, you look exactly like both your parents!


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