07 December 2011


Recently I feel like I've been putting a lot of focus on tradition. Perhaps by sharing our family traditions it may start new ones for you. Perhaps by my sharing and writing I may think of a new one to start with my own children. Perhaps I will start a tradition that I learn from one of you.

These rituals that happen year after year time after time become a part of who we are.
They define those special moments.
They become something to look forward to.
An anticipation for new memories.


The other day we helped Jon's dad, his wife and their daughter decorate their tree. Another small tradition that we participate in year after year. Memories are made over good food and fine wine while Christmas music softly plays in the background. These days the rooms are filled with laughter and children's voices as they run and play.



Oysters with spinach and bacon and a cream sauce (mine only had spinach and bacon) and fine wine. We always start off the evening with a champagne toast to celebrate the holiday season.


By the end of the night we had one baby who feel asleep and two tired boys, but we will always have this tradition and the memories.

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  1. Love this :) I agree traditions are pretty awesome, but I also enjoy creating new ones.


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