13 December 2011

little gingerbread men.



Picnik collage

Is this normal? The face, the look, a child playing with a knife?
This is my Joshua bursting at the seams with personality ready for acting class.

It just wouldn't be Christmas without cutout cookies, icing and sprinkles. I try to steer clear of these sweet treats but there is always a time to cave....and the holidays are a perfect time. This is also a perfect activity for a cold afternoon. We enjoyed ours with hot cocoa and some Christmas stories.

My official holiday bake off begins this weekend. Jon thinks I get a little "crazy" when it comes to the baking of the cookies but I have some big shoes to fill. A part of the holidays that I will always remember are all the cookies and treats that my grandmothers made. On one side we had a heavy Spanish influence and on the other Slovenian flare. I try to find a medium point with tradition and my heritage and I have found that baking is a great resource.
So let the baking begin!


  1. Eeee! Cookies! These look delish. :) Food over the holidays is one of the best things :) <333

  2. Hello Elizabeth,
    Looks like so much Fun. We will be making cookies this coming Saturday. I can’t wait to start baking. Happy Holidays.
    Smiles, Paula

  3. I love the mess that is so adorable when it comes from children in a festive spirit.


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