a toast to the holidays.



Picnik collage!



Since Jessica was feeling better yesterday Jon and I decided to continue with our date night, although we hung around town rather than venture up to Cleveland. We decided we should wrap up some of that Christmas shopping for the kids and enjoy a relaxing dinner together.
Before we headed out we kicked off the holiday season with a toast.

We toasted to us, our family and the holiday season.
We toasted to our home.
That we may begin a new journey together finding our next home and that we can finalize the steps as we get ready to sell this one.
Here's to the Holidays.
Here's to our home and here's to our future.
Cheers everyone!


  1. Best of luck selling your home and finding a new one! <3

  2. Good luck selling your home and finding a new one! That first picture is just great ;D


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