10 December 2011

saturday blues.



Saturday mornings in our home are usually focused on food. The weekdays are so crazy and rushed with the kids and school that we don't have time for a big sit down breakfast. So when the weekend rolls around I try and make up for it.

The Apple Coffee Cake was prepared the night before (from the Joy of Cooking with some changes to avoid dairy) and I woke up early to make the granola. I added some fresh bananas, blueberries and papaya and breakfast was served.

Unfortunately, as the day unfolded we were hit with a case of the Saturday blues. Jon came home from an errand to report that he found our dog a couple streets over and I didn't even know he was out. Watch out for little boys who let the dog out and don't tell anyone (it could also have been my fault. perhaps i left the door open or perhaps i left him out and forgot). At this point Jess had been a handful which is not like her so I got her down for her first nap. Less than hour later she was up, crying, sleepy and covered in vomit. That right. A nasty little bug invaded our home and Jess is the only one (so far) who got it. She actually slept from noon till around 4:30 and the boys went to lunch and to see Santa with Nana. While everyone was out (Jon was at the restaurant) I did yoga, cleaned, laundry and took some pictures of the home.

This evening has been filled with pizza, vomit, watered down juice, cuddles, books, a show, more vomit and lots and lots of laundry for mama. I had plans to be productive and wrap and sew some gifts but I think I'll enjoy a hot bath, a glass of wine and my book.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I really hope Jess is better tomorrow. Jon and I are supposed to have date night but I'll only go if she's completely better. Cross your fingers. It breaks my heart seeing her sick. Actually, this is the first time I've seen her this sick.


  1. Oh poor baby! I hope she gets better :)

  2. Ugh, poor baby! And rough weekend. Hope your week gets better!

  3. Aww, poor Jess :( I hope she's feeling much much better by now! That coffee cake looks amazing and your talk of granola has me hungry ;D


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