08 January 2012

celebrating friends.

Have you met my best friend Julie? She's amazing. Truly amazing. We have been friends since that first day of kindergarten so many years ago. We have been through ups and we have been through downs. In high school our friendship only grew stronger when she moved to South Carolina. We made the effort to visit each other several times a year. Over these many years our relationship has grown and developed into what is is today. She is my family.

Thursday I had a bit of an emotional day and that is why I abandoned the blog until now. I made the very difficult decision to let go of a friendship that I have had for over 15 years. It truly was one of the hardest choices I have ever made, but in my heart I believe I made the right decision. I am at a point in my life where I cannot surround myself with negative people. When I look at Julie I know the true meaning of friendship. It carries qualities of a marriage. You share, you give, you receive. You open your heart knowing that it WILL NOT get hurt. You are selfless because you think of your "Julie" first. You learn to become each other's anchor and eventually you know that nothing can break that bond.

Since Julie was in South Carolina for her birthday we celebrated on Friday night. I was ready for a much needed night out after Thursday's emotions and Julie was ready to celebrate. Before heading to Benders we walked around downtown for First Friday and mingled with friends that we saw. Since the kids were at my parents we could take our time and hang out and that's exactly what happened. An evening filled with good food, wine and lots of conversation. Late night coffees, music and hanging out at a friends house until the wee hours of the evening. I could use one of those nights more often!

Since the kids where at my parents I even got a run in before dinner. I was planning on writing a blog post but decided that I needed a run. I never run at night and I think I may start. The dark cool sky was peaceful and serene which made for a great run. And to come home and take a shower with no interruptions? That's unheard of. And if that wasn't enough Jon and I enjoyed breakfast and coffee followed by looking at houses.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and took a moment to embrace your friendships. Take time from your day and celebrate friends. They are your anchor in life.


  1. Oh my gosh, I feel for you. Letting go of those destructive friendships is SO VERY difficult and so so painful, but has to happen. Thank God for amazing friendships like Julie and yours! Still painful, but makes the journey that much easier and able to make it through.

    Thinking of you! xo

  2. i don't think that everyone has friends like that, so when you find one, it's so important to hold onto them! i'm sorry to hear about the friendship you had to end, but friends will come and friends will go, and if they don't lift you up then maybe they're not the best to have around.

    we moved a lot when i was a kid, and to this day, i can still say that the friends i made from 5th to 7th grade (while i was lucky enough to stay at one school) are still the best friends i have! i think that when you meet a friend young and you can grow together, it really strengthens the bond.

    regarding how far i run - it just depends! sometimes i can run a mile and a half and feel like i'm going to pass out, and sometimes i'll do a 5k fun run and then jog when i get home! i guess it's all in what i eat and how sleep i've had. how far do you normally run?

  3. Ah, my heart understands this all to well. I've had my heart broken more by friends than by people I've dated in the past. Its sad to look back and see parts of your broken heart and know that they were broken by someone you have shared that sweet friendship bond with.

    But....coming from the other end...the end of spending a year of knowing I was in the right to end some of these negative friendships. You will notice your heart will heal. Your heart will trust and your heart will know a bit better on who to truly invest a friendship with and who to just be acquaintances with.

    So grateful you have your friend Julie in your life, she seems like she is a gem.

  4. Aw, I love that y'all have been friends since kindergarten. It's can be so hard to let go of friendships, I'm sorry you had to do that but I hope better things come from it. I haven't gone running in forever but my favorite time to go was always at night, it's just so peaceful to me. How is the house hunting going? Good, I hope!

  5. seriously? this is crazy. i totally feel for you and am going through a similar situation as well! letting go of a friend of 17 years. it's so hard to do but we've got to look out for ourselves and our families. bad relationships are like poison. i just can't do it anymore. but so glad you have a GOOD friend like Julie!


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