10 January 2012

little helpers.


Picnik collage12


There is one thing to be said about selling your house ... it's the cleanest it's been in years! I am embracing this time of limited toys, cleared clutter, washed floors and somewhat put away laundry. At the end of the day I am relaxed and stress free. I know that clutter causes me anxiety and from there the stress builds. As we move locations I hope that I can take this new outlook on the home with me. I hope that I can simplify my belongings and find organization in life.

I have also found that if I clean here and there everyday it's not so bad when we have to show the house. Since Jonas is in school Joshua and Jessica have become my "little helpers." Give them a rag, a spray bottle with water and they are entertained for hours.

I'll take this kind of help any day!

oh, and remember that giveaway I had weeks ago? Congratulations to Ani for winning.
I will contact you soon ;)


  1. Awww, how great to have little helpers! They are so freaking precious.

  2. Oh goodness, her bedhead! So adorable. Very, very cute little helpers you've got there ;)

  3. haha how cute are they! and yes when you sell your house it gets the best cleaning of it's life!!

  4. i love your helpers!!!! what's their hourly rate? :)


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