02 January 2012

greetings 2012.

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I hope you enjoyed your evening and welcomed the new year with joy. I was lucky enough to get a sitter this year so I joined Jon at the restaurant. We had a large table in the bar filled with friends, myself and my sister and brother in law. Unfortunately it's a big work night for Jon so he didn't really get to join us for dinner. Just a quick sitting down to say an occasional hello.

As the night rolled on we enjoyed cocktails, appetizers, dinner and wine followed by dessert and espresso. Some years Benders is packed until past midnight and other years it clears out quickly. This year it was a small crowd that gathered in the bar to toast to the new year. And of course all while Phish played in the background (we hooked the laptop up to the tv for our live stream performance). As the new year entered we danced to Down with Disease, sipped champagne and enjoyed the company of friends. Not a bad New Years in my book (although one of these new years I'll make it to Madison Square Garden for that Phish show).

And, I am absolutely in love with my dress that I wore for the evening. I stopped over to my friend Amanda's apartment to try on some clothes from her shop Fine & Dandy and it was love at first sight with this dress!

We only had two bumps in our road this evening. I was SO excited to take tons of pictures. I carefully packed my camera bag before I left the house and set my camera on the table as soon as I arrived. And when I went to take that first picture....there was no battery. It was left in the office charging. I almost went home but Jon talked me out of it. I had my phone and my sister had her camera. Thanks Becky for snapping some photos!

The other bump was a little bigger. I came home to realize that Bailey got out while the babysitter was there. When Jon got home he drove around until 1:30 with no luck. I layered on the winter cloths and headed out for a forty five minute walk but still no luck. Jon gave one more drive around the neighborhood and still no Bailey. He decided to take a catnap on the couch while I sat and drank tea and watched out the window and called for him. Around four in the morning I decided to head up to bed but couldn't sleep. All I could think about was Bailey and the main road that we live close to and the cars zooming by. At the thought of this my stomach tossed and turned so I came downstairs at 4:45 to go drive around. As I walked out into the garage I found one wet, muddy, smelly dog! Needless to say, New Years day was a lazy one for us.

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  1. How scary about your beastie! Glad he found his way back! And sounds like a fun (though stressful!) New Year. <3

  2. that dress looks amazing on you! did you know i went to school with mandi from fine & dandy? such a small world. and i'm SO glad your pup came home!! happy new year!

  3. Wow I adore that amazing black dress! Looks so classy. Happy new year!!


  4. You looked so great! I love your hair and that lipstick. The party at the restuarant sounds like my kind of a good time, haha. Glad that Bailey made it back safe and sound, how nerve-wracking! Happy (just a bit late) New Year!

  5. Those heels are so cute! Great outfit and happy new year!



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