27 January 2012

happy weekend.


Happy Weekend Friends!

Thought I would share some lovely links with you. I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the family. Tonight I'm having Jon's mom over for dinner then it's some serious fort making in the living room for our movie night. And of course, popcorn and hot chocolates. I'm not sure what Saturday will bring besides laundry but Sunday we have an open house and dinner with friends.

My friend Kacie wrote a great article on Positive Parenting and featured some lovely parents. Thank you Kacie for including me...what an honor!

is a collaborative project between Krystin Griffith, Oana Befort, Rebecca Caridad, and Inge van Geem. The images are absolutely stunning and catch my breath for a moment. Make sure to stop by and visit.

The thought of moving in the near future makes me so excited to remodel, paint and decorate. I love these living room inspirations. one. two. three.

This gallery is one of my favorites and it's right here in my home town!

Speaking of local, here are some more favorite local links:
I'm very active in this organization. I can't even begin to describe the passion I feel for this organization. Seeing how many families and individuals we have helps speaks louder than any words I can offer.

I'm also involved with Indigo Ink, a small non profit literary publisher. We have proudly published two books and continue on our adventure to seek out new talent. If you have an interest in art or poetry you would enjoy flipping through our books.

And last but not least, some blogs that I am enjoying. Amanda, Sarah, Danielle , and Katie

I snapped this photo the other day when I woke up to let the dog out. The sun was just rising over the dark sky on a winter's morning. It was a wonderful start to my day.


  1. Excellent links, and what a lovely picture!

  2. How nice! I was just popping over from Sarah's blog and suddenly saw my own name here :) Thank you for your kind words about re:frame. You have a lovely blog!


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