25 January 2012

she danced. in the sunlight.



Picnik collageJESS




we sat by the window in afternoon light. the record player softly playing in background. a distant beat under our talk. as moments passed talk became silent and music filled our room. slivers of sunlight danced across the glass. she moved her feet, slow at first, stepping on hints of light. spreading across rustic wooden floors like drops of water on hot pavement. she moved under the notes like a graceful dancer on opening night.

she danced to the sunlight.
arms twirling in open air.
a smile gently on her face
and golden rays brushing her cheek
a new canvas waiting for life.

i want to take this moment. tuck it in my pocket and save it for a rainy day. save it forever.

Scarlet Begonias by Grateful Dead on Grooveshark

Yesterday our music classes started back up and Jessica was beyond thrilled. In fact, we came home to experiment with her new materials (here she's holding a shaker) and listen to music. At first I put on some tunes so the kids could dance and play and I planned on cleaning up the kitchen. But when I caught Jess dancing out of the corner of my eye I had to put down my work and join in. This girl loves to dance and she loves her music. She takes after her mom and dad! So on a Wednesday afternoon we danced by the window to the Dead and forgot about our chores. We embraced the light of the day and it was good moment.

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  1. beautiful! moments like those make you wish they would never grow up. i love that bandanna headband, so cute! pinning :)

    1. oh i know, i really wish they never grew up ;( that was actually my bandanna i was wearing and she kept pulling it off so i finally just put it on her!

  2. This is beautiful :) You are going to have such an awesome chronicle of your kids' childhoods with this blog.

  3. What a beautiful moment! Are you gals doing the Gymboree music class? I recognize the shaker...
    Love her scarf as headband, adorable.

  4. awwws, she's so bohemian looking :o) I wish Azriel would wear head wraps... but she yanks them off (maybe I need to model them first I guess?!). Keep making beautiful music/memories sweet Liz! We're keeping well at the nest here thanks, countdown to baby bro on the way soon! ;o)
    needle and nest

  5. love her headscarf. lovely pictures. wish Lily was more of a dancer

    1. what a beautiful post! i love the pictures, and am amazed that she kept that scarf on for the duration! what a beauty!

  6. So sweet! I love dancing with my chickadee, there really is nothing more refreshing than dancing with kids. By the way my mother is a firm believer that if everyone the listened to the Dead for a half hour a day the world would be a much more peaceful place :).

  7. I love your sweet Miss' hairband. What a great idea. Though I suspect that I'd never get Stella to keep something like that on her head. Sigh.

  8. what a sweeeeetie! Thanks for sharing!


  9. adorable. i can't believe she keeps the headband on! i wish paisley would!

  10. Oh your words just float off the screen. I absolutely love reading them. And that headband is awesome. Her little hair peeking through...beautiful.


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