23 April 2012

a move in process.

Instead of packing on Saturday morning we decided to jump on beds.
We listened to music.
We ate crepes for breakfast
and we played soccer.

And after we enjoyed this time together I headed to the new house to clean. For hours and hours.
I stripped wallpaper. I removed contact paper. I scrubbed floors and walls.
And when I came home I packed and packed until the wee hours of the night.

I probably won't be around this week. The official moving day is Thursday and we couldn't be any more excited!
We have no kitchen at this point. Jon removed the cupboards and island today. The stove is in pieces and we have a dumpster in our yard. As I type I am in the midst of packing while Jon is spending the night at the new house to continue prepping the kitchen and removing carpet from the kid's rooms. Somehow between now and Thursday I will get Jess' room painted. The boy's rooms will follow...after I remove the wallpaper. No really, I'm excited for all this! Ok, maybe not the wallpaper removal and painting of ceilings, but I figure a week of hell...I mean labor.. will be worth it. Once the painting is done the decorating can begin, and let me tell you, the boys are so excited for that part! Jonas asked if I could surprise him with his room. He wants to walk into it one day after school, eyes shut, and it will all be done. Guess I better go put that supermom cape on ;)

Enjoy your week friends! I'll try and pop in, but may not be around until next week. I hope you'll stay with me on this journey.


music: Jesse Harris, Feel


  1. Ahhh I feel like I am missing out on so much! When did you get a place!!! Email me the blog post on it :-) so excited for you!!!!!

  2. Okay, cutest video EVER. Good luck on the move! SO exciting! Sending you good vibes :)

  3. Thinking of you on your move today. Hope it's going well!


  4. I hope everything is going well my love! Miss you! <3 Let's have a Skype date when things calm down!


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