20 April 2012

new york trip. part III

day three4

day three7

day three16

day three14

day three12

day three13

day three9

day three11

day three10

day three5

day three8

day three3

day three2

day three
day three of our trip consisted of:
strolling around Greenwich Village, shopping for the little ones, eating at the most amazing bakery Il Cantuccio, purchasing good coffee, eating pizza, walking off our full bellies, indulging in tapas at Casa Mono, heading to the airport for a late flight home to our loved ones.

we had a great trip new york. next time i think we'll bring the kids.
enjoy your weekend friends!


  1. That pizza looks yummy! :) Glad you guys had such a fun trip.

  2. what beautiful pictures. They have this sense of nostalgia to them and make me miss New York tremendously, even though I've never lived there. Your photography is seriously stunning. Looks like it was a wonderful trip!


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