a little water. a little sun.

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summer days have arrived.
the sprinkler dances across our yard
sun shines
and the pool awaits our visits
all we need is a little water and a little sun to make us happy.

in a quick glimpse, this is our memorial day weekend. filled with family, friends and lots of laughter.
and of course, good food and wine.
i didn't capture too many photos. we spent most of the weekend at the pool, which means all hands on deck for this mother of three.
jonas and joshua love to swim, and they are good swimmers, but i still keep a constant watch over them.
in fact, i make joshua wear his smim vest when he's in the deep end.
jessica just wants to follow her brothers and jump off the side of the pool.
and, she even went off the diving board!
just once. she jumped in to her daddy.

all this pool time is wonderul, but tiring for all of us!

so, i'm officially on pinterest. i have been for awhile, but never did much. now that i have a house to decorate i can't seem to get enough of pinterest.
feel free to come follow along and see my inspiration.

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  1. seriously aweeesome photos! that first one in particular :D

  2. hulloooo! Sorry to not touch base sooner.. but welcome back - great to see all you gorgeous pics/family in your new nest now!! Best of luck with it all...and that lost shot.. priceless!

    needle and nest

  3. I love all the photos! The water, you holding your little boy, Jess's bathing suit...it's all adorable!

  4. Elizabeth I am LOVING these photos! Especially the water ones. Too cool.


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