03 June 2012

open windows on a sunday.

sunday morning we danced the time away
with open windows and soft music
a cool breeze caught the curtains
hand in hand their movement matched ours
as we swayed in sunlight

Operator by Grateful Dead on Grooveshark

i caught jessica playing in her room. she insisted on wear this leotard and tutu. i quickly ran down the stairs to grab my camera and snapped away. unfortunately, i snapped so quickly i didn't adjust settings and she's a little out of focus. i really need to work a bit more on this photography thing!

as we ran and danced this morning we listened to this album. jessica quickly announced this was her favorite song. we also enjoyed popsicles for breakfast, i guess if they are homemade it counts as fruit, right? hope you enjoy your sunday. i'm off to enjoy a quick two mile jog to help me recover from yesterday's nine mile run. then we have friends and family over tonight for a cookout, good times and good wine.
we are celebrating.
tomorrow is my birthday.


  1. I do that so often, trying to snap a picture as fast as I can that I forget to even check the settings. Love her little tutu and her taste in music ;D

    Sounds like an amazing Sunday, hope you enjoy! And what?! Your birthday's tomorrow? Well early Happy Birthday to you ♥

  2. Aww, I love that photo. She's like NBD, I got shit to do. haha!

  3. Jessica just keeps getting cuter! Love that she was entertaining herself, and cooking up a storm. Perhaps a birthday cake for her lovely mama? Have a wonderful birthday!


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