16 June 2012

fashion fail.

fashion2 copy


It is officially confirmed. I am not a fashion blogger and I have failed at my somewhat attempt to be one. This is the second (very late) post in my "One Accessory, Five Outfits" series and I think it's time to rename it "One Accessory, Two Outfits." That's right friends, I tried and failed at this new feature. In fact, I've already worn this awesome bag from the Modern Kiddo giveaway several times and I always forget to snap photos. I quickly shot these in our front yard with my little helper Jessica before I left for dinner with Jon. The truth is, I enjoy fashion, but while I love to put on a feminine skirt and high heels I am just as happy in my torn jeans and old Patagonia fleece. And as for photographing these outfits? I think I'll save that energy for my creative side. I would rather put my focus on improving my writing and photography skills.

That being said, I feel like I did capture a decent self portrait from this quick photo shoot. It also gave me the idea to capture more portraits. Family, friends and even strangers. Perhaps this self challenge could even develop into a new adventure taken with other bloggers. Thoughts, ideas? Count me in if you have them.

self portrait

Tomorrow I will welcome the morning with a stretch of my mind and a stride in my run. We are running the Canton Half Marathon and I hopefully will be finishing just as you are rising. Good luck to all participants involved!


  1. Watched and cheered on all those Canton marathon runners as they ran by my neighborhood! It was a great day, hope you did well!

  2. ahahah I also have undertaken the odd 'wearing' post- it's quite awkward right!? althought I think you look fabulous- totally natural- and yes, a great portrait!

    lovely to meet you here

    xo em

  3. good luck in your half! that is awesome. just came upon your blog and am so glad i did. it is so charming.

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself, you look adorable! :) And I love the self portrait of course.

  5. I love fashion so much but I could never do fashion blogging. Oh sure, see a little of what I'm wearing in my everyday pictures but not much more than that, haha. Love the color of that bag and the great torn jeans.

    That really is an amazing portrait of you, I love it! I would totally love to join in on something like that.


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